30 May 2007

Calling All California Clean Tech Entrepreneurs!

The California Clean Tech Open is Here

This is the richest clean tech business plan competition in the West, with $600,000 in prizes in six categories.

"The California Clean Tech Open convenes the state's best and brightest minds to develop technological solutions to some extremely complex and important problems. This is a competition with no losers - all of California, and the rest of the world, benefit when natural resources are used more efficiently." -- Art Rosenfeld, California Energy Commissioner

The entry period ends 30 June, so find out more now. (Early bird reduced-fee entries due by 15 June.)

Technology and Entrepreneur Matching Event 4 June

To get potential entrants and other entrepreneurs together the California Clean Tech Open will hold a Matching Event on Monday 6 June at SRI in Menlo Park, 4pm to 7pm. (Details here.) Researchers and licensing officers from SRI, PARC, Stanford, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Sandia, EPRI, U. C. Berkeley, and U. C. Davis will present cool new clean technologies coming out of their labs. Now is your chance to meet them and find out what is new. And meet other entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs like yourself. You should register in advance at the CCTO site.

"The California Clean Tech Open Matching Event is a great way for entrepreneurs to find technologies that can set them apart in this ultra-competitive marketplace,” said Bob Cart, CEO and founder of GreenVolts, a utility-scale solar energy company. “Our collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been a crucial part of our ability to deliver an ultra-efficient solar energy alternative to utility companies and is a great example of how a partner technology can help a young company stand out from the crowd.” GreenVolts was the winner of last year's competition in the Renewables category. They won $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in services, and garnered priceless exposure and recognition.

Maybe this year's winners will meet up at Monday's Matching Event.

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